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All New Baccarat Game Enhancements: The Expert Insider View

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From the mouth of the CEO, what makes our new version so special?

After a major overhaul of our live Baccarat user experience, our players are now enjoying the very best version of this classic casino game. It’s quick, slick, and a lot of fun. So what was the thinking behind these Baccarat game enhancements, and how is it doing? Ady Totah, LuckyStreak CEO and Co-founder is on the spot.

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In July, LuckyStreak unveiled a hot new update to one of its most popular games, live dealer casino Baccarat. In his own words, Ady Totah, CEO and Co-founder of LuckyStreak, talks about our latest Baccarat game enhancements and major release.

How has LuckyStreak’s Baccarat changed?

It’s more fun, more playable, and has some cool and unique new features.

Our focus is on producing the very best versions of the most popular casino games, rather than forever adding new games and variants. Baccarat is a casino classic and played globally, and at LuckyStreak, it’s our most engaging game.

That’s because it’s a quick game, where players like the fast action and turnaround. But they also want results history and card trends to base their bet selection on. And they increasingly play online games on their mobile smartphones. So we listened and made the game mobile-first, simpler to play, clearer to view, and more information-rich in response.

Enhancements to LuckyStreak New Live Casino Baccarat Game
Enhancements to LuckyStreak New Live Casino Baccarat Game
What makes LuckyStreak’s live dealer Baccarat so special?

Player experience – bright, slick, engaging.

This has been a critical factor, and this has been central to our design and build.

Firstly, the big change is that it’s designed for mobile portrait mode, just how people hold their phone. Everything is designed for the small screen, with a clear and colorful UI and thumb-friendly functions from chip selection to chat.

The cards are bigger, and the really cool thing is our auto-camera-switch from head-on to the dealer to a top view so you can see the cards as they are being dealt. It’s super-slick, and you don’t miss a thing.

Game results history and roadmaps are colorful and clearly displayed. Roadmaps are important, particularly for our players in Asia, and you can now toggle them on or off. There’s also easy access to your stats, as well as the lobby, so you can easily play on multiple tables. All at the flick of a thumb.

And, because Baccarat is such a fun game, we’ve dialed that up too: we’ve added emojis in the chat box, so you can share how you feel at any time!

What do your players think of the enhancement to gameplay?

They love them!

Players vote with their feet, and they just haven’t; it’s the opposite: player numbers have steadily grown since the relaunch, and our volume KPIs – total bets, bets per head, stakes per head, and stake per bet – are up nicely versus pre-update. As I mentioned before, it’s fast, engaging, and fun, with longer session lengths and higher bets per head than any other game – but with added strategy and data-mining. It’s a really clever game.

LuckyStreak's New Game Enhancements for Live Casino Baccarat Software
LuckyStreak’s New Game Enhancements for Live Casino Baccarat Software
What do operators think of the new Baccarat software?

They love it too.

Feedback is strong, and players are taking to the games, and this is evidenced in the elevated positioning of our games on our operator partners’ casinos. It’s a competitive space, but we punch above our weight. Our Account Management team has a long and positive relationship with our customers, and they ensure that the good news spreads fast.

Right now 1XBet has their own branded, dedicated Baccarat table – Baccarat Xclusive – and the volumes have surpassed our expectations, so we’re very pleased.

Where is live Baccarat most popular?

The easy answer is: everywhere. Baccarat is a game with a long history and is played the world over.

It’s popular across all our operators and all regions we serve. But Asia and Turkey are the stand-out regions, in terms of relative player volumes and bets/ stakes per head.

New Live Dealer Baccarat Enhanced Casino Game from LuckyStreak
New Live Dealer Baccarat Enhanced Casino Game from LuckyStreak
What makes LuckyStreak different as an iGaming business?

It’s our philosophy: to be valuable, distinctive, responsive, reliable, and savvy.

We believe that our success as an iGaming software provider will come from creating exciting games with a point of difference, offering products that serve our customer’s requirements (like LuckyConnect, our casino content aggregator), and not outgrowing ourselves to the point where we cannot be responsive. Reliably delivering a high-quality service to our customers and their players, so they keep coming back, is the ultimate commercial benefit we can offer.

Innovation is critical in this game; you probably won’t see Wheels of Fortune or CGI characters from us in the short-term, but our product upgrades like Baccarat and our Blackjack live dealer game (released in May 2023) demonstrate our commitment to innovation in design and playability. The Holy Trinity of casino games (Baccarat, Blackjack, and live Roulette software) are core to any operator’s casino revenues and drive the volumes of higher value players, so maintaining high quality in these is serving our customers’ needs most diligently.

And each upgrade is not the end; we’re currently working on some incremental Baccarat game enhancements for our Asia audience, for instance. We get the product right, release it, then adapt it based on what the market wants. Nothing is ever 100% perfect at launch. And interestingly, when things do arise, they often lead to the next opportunity.

Savvy; this is simply doing the deals that drive the best commercial performance and being open to finding that common ground between us, our customers, and suppliers where profitable revenues exist – in whatever way they come.

Ady Totah, CEO and co-founder, LuckyStreak live dealer casino software supplier
Ady Totah, CEO and co-founder, LuckyStreak
What else is LuckyStreak planning?

We never stand still; our focus is forever investing in the quality and distinctiveness of our products. And it’s certainly not just our live casino software. We have a very interesting – and ambitious – development program.

Our next major product upgrade is to our live dealer Roulette game, and I promise some exciting enhancements in player experience and features, just like Baccarat. We’re also working on a completely new, unique game, which I will have more information on in due course.

Our suite of casino marketing software and promotional tools – currently our tournament jackpot feature – is having a major overhaul and some pretty cool additions to significantly broaden the opportunity to drive customer retention and value (more to follow!)

From LuckyConnect, we’ve got a number of brand new providers lined up – RedRake and LuckyMonaco are going live imminently – and our Development team are working on some new tools to make onboarding new providers even quicker, and we have some big plans for aggregation in 2024 and beyond.

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