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Gaming Management System for Total Casino Monitoring and Control at Your Fingertips.

The LuckyStreak comprehensive casino management software empowers our operators with all the tools to manage, monitor and maximize their Players’ experience.

  • Configuration – View and configure limits, chipsets, sidebets, jackpots and more from a single application, having your different brands’ data separated and localized in numerous languages.
  • Player Management– Manage and examine player sessions, bets, and rounds. Tag individual players and analyze their gameplay behavior.
  • Reporting– Use our vast reporting tools to learn more about your players, our games, our partners games, and gain the Insights you need to make the necessary adjustments to continually improve your operation.
  • Backoffice API– Most of the data is available via our straightforward Backoffice API, so operators can easily connect it with any of their internal Backoffice systems.
  • Multiple Operator Support– Whether you’re a single operator or a platform network, our backoffice has you covered. Manage multiple operators in a seamless, intuitive interface.
  • Enhanced Player Tracking – Our casino player tracking systems allow for real-time monitoring and analysis of player activities. 
In essence, LuckyStreak’s comprehensive casino management software is designed to provide a seamless, efficient, and effective online casino solution for managing your casino operations. In addition, LuckyStreak offers live streaming dealer services, casino game aggregation software, and a broad spectrum of live casino gaming software APIs.

Client Zone

Our Client Zone has everything an operator needs to facilitate a quick and easy integration and ongoing management of LuckyStreak games and assets. The LuckyStreak client zone is the place to request account management support, specific onboarding and technical help.

Contact for more information about our Client Zone.