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Dual Play Roulette Live Streaming Software for Side-by-Side Non-stop Action

Engage your players with an immersive experience allowing them to play side by side with seated players in a real-life high-end land-based casino via our live streaming API, a key component of our live casino solutions!

Our live dealer software API integrates seamlessly with your platform, allowing players to sit right alongside other players at the venue and online. This creates an authentic and immersive live casino experience, bridging the gap between the physical and digital gaming worlds.

Players can also engage with the game presenters and other players via the live chat feature making Dual Play the perfect way to extend the excitement of live online Roulette while relaying the unique excitement of a land-based casino.

LuckyStreak live land-based casino roulette streaking

We strive for continued excellence in all aspects of our games, from user experience to support for our business partners. In 2023 we’re making big improvements in gameplay, live streaming quality, and retention tools, to name a few.

Dual Play Roulette
Call Bets

Easily bet on French style combination call bets such as Voisins du zéro , Le tiers du cylinder (Thirds of the wheel), Orphelins (orphans), corners and splits.
Call Bets with our live Roulette wheel using Luckystreak's live roulette gambling software
Live roulette online software puts users first

Dual Play Roulette Luxurious Experience

Dual Play Roulette software suits players with a passion for the charm and tradition of a luxurious land-based casino can enjoy the camaraderie that comes from playing side-by-side with their fellow players, all while in the comfort of their own home.

Dual Play Roulette Game History

Game history is brilliantly portrayed in a neat and clean, live interactive graph. Players can view a drilldown of the statistics of the past 100 rounds with hot and cold numbers broken down by the number of times the ball hit and in percentages. As a leading igaming software provider, LuckyStreak also offer live dealer blackjack 21, live dealer roulette online and more.
Get dual play roulette game history with LuckyStreak's casino games software