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Within the iGaming world, auto roulette is one of the many versions of this popular casino game that combines innovation, strategy, and excitement. When it comes to its creation, however, auto roulette software is the main component behind this staple casino title, with all of the authentic elements typically associated with this game being able to converge thanks to this innovative technology. 

Although this type of roulette differs from others, especially the live variations, the auto roulette software here at LuckyStreak maintains the immersive and authentic gameplay synonymous with this table game. This manages to faithfully embody all of the defining elements associated with roulette into a fully digitised format.

What Is Online Live Auto Roulette Software?

Before delving into any of the things auto roulette software is capable of, it is first worth explaining what exactly it is and how it works. Essentially, this software is sophisticated digital technology designed to deliver auto roulette to players in an engaging yet seamless way. This works by acting as the backbone for any auto roulette title, and anything that may be included in these games, from gameplay layout and UI to audio elements and visual design, are all thanks to this dedicated online casino software.

This way, auto roulette can be provided conveniently and be accessible from almost anywhere. This accessibility is one of the main things that auto roulette software facilitates, with all of the previously discussed elements being compiled into one digital release that can be accessed with just a secure internet connection and coupling device. Despite being a digital recreation of classic roulette, auto roulette still stays faithful to its physical counterparts, embodying all of the popular qualities thanks to the technology in question.

Auto Roulette
Game History

Auto Roulette game history is brilliantly portrayed in a neat and clean, live interactive graph. Players can view a drilldown of the statistics of the past 100 rounds with hot and cold numbers broken down by the number of times the ball hit and in percentages.

Live Roulette online Game history provided by Luckystreak's casino betting software
Call Bets with our live Roulette wheel using Luckystreak's live roulette gambling software

Auto Roulette
Call Bets

Easily bet on French style combination call bets such as Voisins du zéro , Le tiers du cylinder (Thirds of the wheel), Orphelins (orphans), corners and splits.

Auto Roulette
Faster Gameplay

Auto Roulette betting software’s precise automation enables rapid, no-dealer gameplay so there’s nothing to slow down the action. For players, that means more betting opportunities and for operators, higher revenues.

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Live roulette online game with Faster Gameplay