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Live Casino Baccarat Software:
Introducing the freshest and most exquisite take on Asia’s favorite casino card game.

LuckyStreak takes live dealer Baccarat to the next level.

Experience the style and chic of this traditional high-roller casino game with a long history and a unique set of rules. Our live Baccarat software utilises our live casino software API to create a realistic and super-engaging gaming experience.

Now designed for mobile play.

Your players will be glued to the screen for hours, chatting with the Game Presenters, checking and analyzing statistics, sharing their emotions with fellow players (now with emojis!) and feeling as if a real live croupier was sitting right in front of them!

With LuckyStreak’s Baccarat live casino games, any number of players can play simultaneously on the same table, making an operator’s revenue opportunities truly limitless. Enhance these further with our unique casino marketing software to lift engagement and retention to high levels.

We don’t take our game’s success for granted: we are  constantly improving our games and online casino solutions, the user experience, the quality of our technical delivery, and the support and tools we offer our business partners.

In August 2023, we launched our latest and biggest-ever upgrade of our live Baccarat game with a brand new and very playable user-interface, dual cameras for the perfect view at all times, and mobile portrait mode for the simplest gameplay ever.

And so you can check it out for yourself, we’ve prepared a personal table tour of our new live Baccarat game, with our talented colleague Ella… just for you!

Play Video about Live dealer baccarat table tour

What Our Live Baccarat Game Has For You!

Mobile Casino
Portrait View

As a leading online casino software provider, we’ve changed things up in live Baccarat online! Now you can play the game at your convenience, and the way it was intended: in mobile smartphone portrait mode. This stunningly visual way of playing takes our game to a whole new level, with thumb-friendly buttons making it so simple to get into the action. 

Live casino baccarat software: mobile gamings
Live casino baccarat software: dual camera view

Baccarat Game
Dual-Camera View

Unique to our latest release, the camera view seamlessly changes from a front-on to the dealer and betting opportunities, to an overhead-view to clearly see the cards dealt and the round played out. It makes the game even more engaging.

Live casino baccarat software: game side bets

Bet on the Live
Baccarat Side Bets

We’ve spiced things up in live Baccarat online with exciting side bets. Side bets are enabled by a click of a button and present the player with 6 new betting opportunities: Pair bets on Player and Banker. Perfect (suited) and any (unsuited) pairs. And “Big” (more than 4 cards in total) and “Small” bets.

Baccarat Software
In-game Statistics

Our player stats window shows the results of previous rounds in a colorful, easy-to-read way, giving them the option to analyze and manage their play accordingly.

Live casino baccarat software: history stats
Live casino baccarat software: roadmaps

Online Baccarat
Game Roadmaps

Game history is displayed in a choice of  different colorful, interactive Roadmaps. Each is a graphical representation of the previous round results, providing more information for players to analyze, look for trends and try and predict future results.

Easy Lobby and
Casino Floor Access

Likewise, cruising around the tables on our casino floor has never been easier, with easy one-click access to the lobby. Select your game,. or just where the action is with our most popular tables, and join the action!

Live casino baccarat software: lobby game selection
Live casino baccarat software: chat emojis

Live Expressions
with Emojis!

Enjoying the game? Running good? Or just not your hand? Now you can share how you feel with others at the table, by selecting the emoji that best suits your mood! Or can can simply say hi, bye… or send love hearts, just because!

Live Baccarat FAQs

How do I play LuckyStreak Baccarat?

Live dealer baccarat is one of LuckyStreak’s leading games. To play, you simply need to join one of the many online casinos that has our games across the world, and you’re ready to play.  We design our games so that they are easy to play, especially on mobile smartphones.

What are the rules for playing LuckyStreak Baccarat?

You can play our Baccarat game on hundreds of online casinos worldwide. You just need to have an online account. The game rules are quite simple – the winner is whoever’s cards total 8 (or nearest below this), so just bet on whoever you think will win.

What is the minimum and maximum bet for playing LuckyStreak Baccarat?

The minimum bet on LuckyStreak Baccarat is €1, all the way up to €12,000, so it suits the pocket of any player. And we accept deposits in all real and crypto currencies, so check with the online casino you play with that they allow the currency that’s right for you.

What are the different types of Baccarat games available from LuckyStreak?

Baccarat en Banque and Chemin de Fer are names and variants for Baccarat. LuckyStreak’s Baccarat is like Punto Banco, a casino-based game with a permanent dealer, and where players play against the bank and not against each other.

Can I play Baccarat on LuckyStreak for free?

Baccarat is a traditional gambling card game with a history dating back to 1300s China. It is a game for people that love to relax and enjoy the fun, atmosphere and experience of casino gambling for real money.

What sets LuckyStreak’s Baccarat live dealer software apart from others?

Our Baccarat live dealer software offers an immersive and super-engaging gaming experience, leveraging our live casino software API. Players can interact in real-time, analyze game statistics, and enjoy the presence of a live Games Presenter, ensuring a genuine casino experience.

How does LuckyStreak enhance the traditional Baccarat game?

We’ve introduced a fresh take on Asia’s favorite casino card game, ensuring that players can experience the style and chic of this high-roller game with unique rules and a rich history.

Have there been any recent updates to the LuckyStreak Baccarat casino software?

Yes, in August 2023, we launched a significant upgrade to our live Baccarat game, introducing a user-friendly interface, thumb-friendly betting actions, dual cameras for optimal views, and a mobile portrait mode for a superior and effortless gameplay.

Is the LuckyStreak Baccarat game optimized for mobile play?

Absolutely! Our Baccarat game is primarily designed for mobile play, especially in portrait mode, with thumb-friendly buttons ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

How does the dual-camera view enhance the Baccarat experience?

The dual-camera view seamlessly switches between a front-on view of the dealer and betting opportunities to an overhead view, allowing players to clearly see the cards dealt and the round played out, making the game even more engaging.

Can players place side bets in LuckyStreak’s live Baccarat?

Yes, players can spice up their game with exciting and popular side bets, including Pair bets on Player and Banker, Perfect pairs, and “Big” and “Small” bets.

What are the Baccarat game roadmaps?

Game roadmaps provide a graphical representation of previous round results, offering players more information to analyze, identify trends, and predict future outcomes.

How easy is it to navigate the casino floor and access the lobby on LuckyStreak?

Navigating our casino floor is a breeze, with one-click access to the lobby, allowing players to select their preferred game or join the most popular tables with ease.

How does LuckyStreak ensure fairness in its live Baccarat games?

We adhere to strict gaming regulations and utilize advanced technology to ensure a transparent and fair gaming experience for all players.

Can players interact with live dealers during the game?

Yes, players can engage with our Games Presenters in real-time, in chat and through fun emojis, enhancing the authenticity and engagement of the live Baccarat experience.

Are there any unique features in LuckyStreak’s Baccarat game?

Yes, our Baccarat game offers unique features like the dual-camera view, easy chip and bet selection, and live expressions with emojis, enhancing the player experience.