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Bespoke Land-based Broadcasting

Land based Casinos can enjoy an interactive bespoke solution to keep online visitors continuously engaged with the live gaming action on the casino floor. A great opportunity to expand and spark your casino brand beyond the physical world by launching a live online casino brand.

LuckyStreak land-based streaming includes a full set of the necessary streaming equipment, ranging from high end cameras and microphones to advanced monitors and lightning, alongside our proprietary live casino software.

Why broadcast with LuckyStreak?

Extend your brand beyond the physical limitations of your land-based operation and empower your players to play without limits.​
Utilize the power of LuckyStreak promotional tools to run tailor-made tournament events that keep the action going constantly.
Offer your players an enhanced game experience, boasting advanced capabilities such as diverse camera angles, bet functionalities and speedier gameplay.
From installation to gameplay, our expert team of land-based consultants will help you determine the most cost effective and engaging methods to maximize your streaming operation.
Easily reach the entire LuckyStreak world-wide network of players and operators 

We understand every land-based operation is different – that’s why we take extra care to tailor our streaming solutions to each individual client’s needs and preferences. 

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