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Casino Marketing Software: Tailored promotional tools for high-end player retention.

Enhance Your Players’ Experience and Retention

Our live dealer casino promotional tools are at the very forefront of the industry, ensuring the finest possible experience.

Skyrocket your player’s lifetime value using precise and flexible casino marketing software and promotional tools that allow you to easily and quickly tailor Jackpot campaigns to your player’s preferences and needs.

As an operator, you will be able to customize almost everything about the campaign you want to run.

LuckyJackpot Tournament Toolbox

The LuckyStreak Tournament toolbox empowers operators to run tailor-made promotional Leaderboards between their players, encouraging them to compete against each other for the top place at the leaderboard.

Players earn points by performing actions defined by the operator, such as side bets or number of bets. The players who accumulated the most points at the end of the tournament event win prizes and glory!

  • Manage multiple sub-operators or run network wide
  • Encourage your players to take profitable risks
  • Increase player retention and engagement
  • Proven revenue growth during tournament period
Luckystreak's casino marketing software Tournament toolbox
Highly Configurable Customer Marketing Tools

Our casino marketing software at LuckyStreak provides a range of tools designed to help online casino operators boost player acquisition and retention.

Built to be highly configurable and very user-friendly with features like player segmentation, automated prize distribution, and real-time analytics, our software enables operators to create targeted promotions, improve customer satisfaction, and track the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Our software is a powerful casino marketing tool for attracting and retaining players, increasing revenue, and enhancing the overall player experience on your platform.

Drive Loyalty with these Campaign Tools:
  • Randomly Selected Jackpot: The winner/s are drawn randomly. Amount can be fixed or progressive. In Randomly selected Jackpot , the winners are drawn randomly from all participating players, so players should simply play LuckyStreak games to participate. There is also an option to close a dedicated table and hold a live draw at a predetermined time
  • Leaderboard Jackpot: The winners are the players at the top of the leaderboard. Amounts can be fixed or progressive. To win Leaderboard based Jackpot , players are encouraged to try and win as many points as they can. The more a player performs the actions decided by the operator, the better their chances to win get

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