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Sweepstakes: The New Broom in iGaming

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Sweepstakes are significantly influencing the igaming sector. Here’s how LuckyStreak answered the call.

There’s a new battle in the fight to engage players. Sweepstakes and social gaming presents a distinctive gaming experience that can attract a novel player demographic for both B2B providers and operators.

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For iGaming content suppliers, a new battle is being fought to engage players.

With the array of choice out there, developers now have to think outside the box with their mechanics, themes and storylines, as well as with their bonusing and jackpot structure.

Fruitful Partnerships

New titles, features and variants are a central pillar of game development, but partnerships between companies can also create fresh ideas and move the sector forward.

Now a deal between established live casino provider LuckyStreak and sweepstakes platform solution Sweepium is seeing the former offer its games following the launch of new capability to support sweepstakes and sweepstake coins.

LuckyStreak CTO Erez Cywier says “With the launch of Sweepium as a player in the developing iGaming and sweepstake sectors, they were looking for an established live casino provider with high quality games to add to their customer offering, but also one that was able to work with sweepstake currencies – or at least was flexible and adaptable enough to implement this.”

“The key steps included adding support for non-FIAT/ cryptocurrencies and being able to support any customised currency our customers use on their platforms.”

Cywier says LuckyStreak learned to “rethink the way we viewed the players’ currencies to be somewhat more abstract.”

Erez Cywier and Ady Totah, LuckyStreak co-founders, and CTO and CEO respectively
Erez Cywier (left), LuckyStreak CTO and Co-founder, with CEO and Co-founder Ady Totah


Sweepium’s technology which supports all social and sweepstakes requirements, was developed internally over a period of two years. And while the company has introduced itself to the market in the past six months, it already hosts a variety of B2B social brands on its platform.

“Sweepium provides an array of sweepstakes and social models, catering to diverse strategic brand launches” says Daniel Mitton, the company’s Chief Business Development Officer and Co-founder.

“Our platform offers a multitude of commercial models including turnkey self-service and full white label solutions. Furthermore, we boast one of the most extensive and diverse game aggregator APIs in the market.”

Boosting Innovation

New titles can add significantly more engagement potential for operators and suppliers, but Cywier and Mitton believe that the integration between LuckyStreak and Sweepium is an example of why adding new strings to a company’s bow is “crucial” in accommodating all types of customers.

“iGaming is a fast moving, consumer- and technology-led sector, and game developers that don’t accommodate, anticipate or exploit this will find themselves left behind,” Cywier says.

“The more agile, progressive and flexible providers will take their place with these emerging businesses and platforms.”

Mitton says “staying pertinent demands ongoing innovation,” adding: “The introduction of new games or features to a portfolio not only ensures a company’s competitiveness but also distinguishes it in a saturated market.

“Sweepstakes and social gaming presents a distinctive gaming experience that can attract a novel player demographic for both B2B providers and operators.”

As for the 2024 ambitions of LuckyStreak and Sweepium, Mitton says the “ease of integration” involved unveils “numerous distinctive opportunities within our partnerships.”

Daniel Mitton Sweepium
Daniel Mitton, CBDO and Co-founder, Sweepium


“The integration procedure closely mirrors that of real-money gambling, allowing the utilization of existing APIs for a smooth integration, as demonstrated in the case of LuckyStreak.

“While certain requirements such as handling product conversion issues like currency and social language need to be addressed, overall, the process is relatively straightforward.”

“The way we developed this solution would make such integrations almost identical to the standard integrations with traditional casino operators and/ or platforms,” LuckyStreak’s Cywier says.

“We are currently totally agnostic, whether it’s a FIAT currency, and major cryptocurrency, social casino virtual currency or sweepstake currency. The process is the same, we are a ubiquitous solution in that regard and the level of support and service we can offer any iGaming operator is effectively the same.”

For Mitton, the social and sweepstakes terrain “offers boundless opportunities” under the model of the deal with LuckyStreak.

While Sweepium’s initial focus is on North America and Asia, “considerable interest has surfaced” from central Europe, South America and Africa, Mitton says.

“The fundamental principle remains that wherever the interest is expressed, both Sweepium and LuckyStreak will adhere to the requirements and make inroads into the respective markets.

“At Sweepium, we aim to broaden our reach in every dimension. This involves establishing partnerships with leading real-money brands for sweepstakes initiatives, focusing on transforming the player bases of brick-and-mortar casinos into digital users, introducing brands in promising new geographical areas and consistently enhancing our technology, products and tools.

“The journey ahead for 2024 is extensive, but it promises to be an exciting adventure for both Sweepium and LuckyStreak.”

Man playing mobile games

How LuckyStreak Supports Sweepstake Casinos and Currencies

Sweepstakes casinos operate on a “freemium” model and employ two virtual currency/ coin types. They may have a variety of names but are generally known as gold coins, and sweepstakes (or sweeps) coins.

Gold coins (GC) are purchased for cash (or equivalent), have no monetary value, and cannot be redeemed for cash, prizes or withdrawn. They are great for enjoying the social aspect of an online casino. And obtaining sweepstakes coins!

Sweepstake coins (SC) cannot be purchased but are used to play games with the potential to win cash. They can be obtained as free bonuses, social promotions, leaderboards, in compliance with “no purchase necessary” laws. They are held until they are in sufficient numbers to be redeemed for cash.

Players have two wallets, one for each type of coin, and can switch between playing for fun with GC and playing for cash prizes with SC. This dual-currency system ensures legal compliance as well as introducing the unique play dynamic of sweepstakes casinos.

LuckyStreak’s live games and aggregated slots are now available to play on sweepstakes casinos. LuckyStreak uses 4-letter currencies (traditional online casinos use 3) to enable sweepstake and social/ virtual coins.

Wider Development Trends

“Sweepstakes are significantly influencing game studios, with some recognising the substantial opportunity they present compared with real-money gambling,” Mitton says.

“As a result, there is a trend of developing games tailored for specific localised regions within the sweepstakes domain. I genuinely anticipate that, in the next nine to 12 months, a broad spectrum of studios and providers will consider the setup of social/ sweepstakes products as a standard and commonplace aspect of their offerings.”.

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