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Rory Kimber interview: “Continuing our business growth is about discovering opportunities”

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The Commercial Director’s view on business growth

Our new Commercial Director gives his view on the growth opportunities for live casino and igaming content aggregation

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Rory Kimber is interviewed by CasinoGuru.

Today we speak with Rory Kimber, Commercial Director at LuckyStreak, who walks us through the company’s recent operational successes and overall strategy.

Having recently stepped into the role himself, Kimber talks at length about the live casino segment, and how LuckyStreak is branching out with aggregation and land-based solutions, providing the industry with a 360-degree experience. As he puts it, the company is raising the bar across the industry, building products that meet demand and improve the user experience across the board.

Q: Rory, you joined LuckyStreak as the company’s new commercial director just a few weeks ago. How are you settling in and have you been to determine your next course of action as part of LuckyStreak’s growing ecosystem?

It’s been a busy start but a really enjoyable one! The company’s philosophy is to say yes to our clients and find a way to deliver, which so far, we have managed every time! Finding my place within the team has come quite naturally, the team are patient and we’re not trying to do every single deal that comes our way, so it’s about picking partners and operators who can best showcase our products.

Q: Speaking of growth, LuckyStreak has just signed a new partnership with Daintree Gaming and the company’s portfolio of online casino brands. What makes Daintree a good partner for LuckyStreak?

Daintree Gaming were great to work with from the outset. It’s great to see partners utilizing both our live casino products and LuckyConnect which means we can work with them across verticals and be creative commercially. It’s always nice to add new operators, but when partners like Daintree come along who are looking to make our partnership a cornerstone of their content offering it’s all the more satisfying.

Rory Kimber LuckyStreak live casino and content aggregation Commercial Director

Q: It’s fair to say that LuckyStreak has established its name as a provider of live casino games, but your company has evolved so much over the years, and today features numerous solutions, including content aggregation, land-based experiences, marketing tools, and more. Was this an evolution out of necessity or an innate desire to offer a 360-degree experience to partners?

I suppose it depends on how you define necessity. Live Casino was and still is an enormously successful part of our business and we’d still be thriving if we’d stuck to that. However, I think there was a necessity in terms of providing all that we could for our key partners. There are some widely used industry products out there that are not of a particularly high quality and so we sought to rectify that. Asking our customers what parts of their businesses could be improved and then acting on that is definitely a necessary part of our offering.

Q: As your company moves in nearly all walks of the iGaming experience, what do you think is most important now to secure LuckyStreak’s continued growth in the industry?

I think continuing our growth is about discovering the opportunities. Because we can fill so many holes for operators and aggregators, we just need to get that message across. LuckyStreak has spent a lot of time developing those products behind the scenes and now they’re all in place, it’s just about telling people what we’re about and showing them what we can deliver.

Q: With this in mind, what is next for the company for the rest of the year?

Already, our Live Casino products are receiving upgrades and being rolled out, our technology infrastructure has been updated, we can onboard both suppliers and operators faster than ever and our tools are ever-improving. It’s not a bad position to be in for someone looking for commercial deals! The rest of the year is about finding the right partners to move forward with which further demonstrates the work we’ve done to the wider industry.

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