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Supercharge engagement with LuckyStreak’s Promotional Tools

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As a gaming operator, maximizing your returns on investment and your revenue are probably your top priorities. And as far as maximum profits in the world of online casinos goes, nothing is more precious than a returning customer, loyal only to your casino. 

The cost of acquisition for customers is high. It involves heavy advertising costs and welcome bonuses to convince strangers to try your casino out. 

But while attracting customers is difficult, retaining them can be even more so. The online casino industry has numerous players. And with the growth of targeted advertising, your customers will probably be overwhelmed with adverts from your competitors. 

It may not be easy but if you can get your customers to stay with you, and keep your churn rate to a minimum, you’ll reap big. 

The million-dollar question now becomes: How do you get your customers to stay? 

The basics of customer retention

There are many factors that affect customer retention. They include customer service, the selection of games that your casino has on offer, and whether or not your customer is aware of a better service. 

But probably the most important factor is customer satisfaction. If the punters that frequent your online casino are satisfied, they are likely to stay, despite your competitors’ best efforts to steal them away. 

Customer satisfaction 101: make your players feel appreciated

This can be done using customized messages – an area in which LuckyStreak is an industry leader. 

Just as crucial as customer satisfaction is customer engagement. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand. The more engaged your players are, the more satisfied they will feel and the higher the likelihood that they’ll stay. 

The LuckyStreak promotional toolset is built to optimize both customer satisfaction and customer engagement. At the moment, it’s the only solution in the online casino games industry that offers both customized in-game messages for players and leaderboard tournaments. 

Here goes!

1. Ramping up engagement: Leaderboard Tournaments 

Do you want a significant and permanent increase in the number of rounds, number of bets, and the number of players in your online casino? 

Leaderboard tournaments have been shown to result in better performance across a multitude of Key Performance Indicators for online casinos, such as the ones given above. 

Tournaments are a great way to boost engagement. They appeal to the competitive spirit in punters, and act on our innate disposition toward social comparison.In addition, they offer bonus methods of winning. A customer can rest assured that even though they lose a bet, they will earn points in the tournament, which will lead to a variety of rewards. 

Leaderboards are an especially-useful tool in tournaments. They add to the excitement as players can track their position in real-time. 

LuckyStreak leaderboard tournaments have their advantages!

– Full control as a result of customization 

Having a customizable leaderboard tournament enables you to strategically encourage your customers to play certain games. These games could be the ones that are most profitable to you or that will have players hooked. Either way, you can create a setup that benefits you. 

With LuckyStreak, you are able to customize almost everything about the tournament, including the players allowed to participate, the ways of earning points, the tables eligible for the tournament, and the days in which the tournament is active. 

The level of control afforded by such advanced customization is priceless for you as a gaming operator. 

You can pit high-rollers against each other by deciding who can participate in a tournament. Done right, this can significantly increase your revenue. Also, being able to decide which actions earn points can help you optimize for profit. For example, profitable actions like side-bets could have more points in the tournament. 

– The ability to cater for players of all levels 

To make the most of your LuckyStreak tournament feature, you should capitalize on its capability for advanced customization to ensure that all your players are satisfied. 

A tournament can be set up to benefit and therefore attract high-rollers. Such a tournament would discourage the participation of players who typically place lower bets. 

You should set up your tournaments according to your goals. For high-rollers, a wager-based tournament is the way to go. This is because they typically place higher bets and will have wagered large amounts in a short time, which means they’ll do better in such tournaments. 

For other players, the tournament should be based on the win-to-bet ratio. This levels the playing field as the win multiplier is what counts. This works best for customers who place small bets. 

– The ability to adapt to regulations in different markets 

In some markets, strict regulations make it more difficult to grow your gaming operation. For example, in some countries, online casinos are limited to the use of only one welcome bonus to attract players. 

In such a case, the LuckyStreak leaderboard tournament could come in handy as a way of attracting customers with rewards without infringing on the regulations. 

2: Enhancing customer satisfaction:  Customized Welcome Announcements!

The Customized Welcome Announcement (CWA) feature offered by LuckyStreak has two main use-cases: promotion and customized communication. It allows you to show customized, in-game, pop-up messages. 

Since the announcement is customizable, you can have an array of promotional and appreciation messages, which increases effectiveness. 

You can use the CWA feature to drive traffic to other areas on your website, for example those that have offers. 

You can also use it as an additional channel of communication to high-rollers, which gives them that extra personal touch and increases customer satisfaction. 


Anything that helps increase customer engagement and customer satisfaction is crucial to gaming operators. 

LuckyStreak is the only igaming provider that offers a promotional toolset with both customized welcome announcements and customizable leaderboard tournaments. Leaderboard tournaments have been shown to significantly increase the number of bets made, the number of rounds played, and the total number of players. 

One unique advantage of LuckyStreak’s tournaments is that they can be fully integrated into the live casino frontend, which contributes to a seamless user experience and makes them more effective. 

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