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Our Solutions

LuckyStreak offers full and comprehensive live dealer solutions both
off the shelf and tailor made.

Online Operators

With our seamless common wallet API, operators will have no fuss adding LuckyStreak live games to the mix.

On Premise Land Based
Casinos And Resorts

Land based Casinos can enjoy an interactive turn-key solution to keep visitors continuously engaged with the live gaming action on the casino floor. A great opportunity to expand and spark the casino brand beyond the physical world by launching a live online casino brand.

Terminal Shops

LuckyStreak has a straightforward and complete end-to-end system to allow management of games and players at small or large terminal shops and kiosks.

Technology Setup

LuckyStreak is built on a highly scalable and flexible infrastructure to ensure optimal playing experience. The platform combines the newest web technologies with premium video streaming components to create th best possible live gaming experience. Our platform detects device and bandwidth constraints and adjusts the stream output to deliver best quality of service.

Our beautifully arranged gaming studio is rigged with the latest high grade video and sound equipment to provide stunning video and sound that provide a near real gaming experience.

Technology Setup Table