Our first Blogpost fresh from the oven. Written, directed and produced by our dealers themselves!

A Friendly welcome from the Lucky Streak studio to You!

Lucky Streak always strives for the new and the exciting. We, dealers, would like to welcome you to our weekly blog post, where you will be up to date with our outings, news and interesting events. And maybe even you will get more possibilities to discover entertaining facts about us, the dealers, who you see on daily basis and with whom you have such a fun time ! Nothing serious, just some fun articles, that could be amusing for You and where you could keep on top of what is happening in our lives in the studio and outside it.

Every dealer has their own personality, and every dealer gives an edge and the perfect addition to our Lucky Streak family! You will see many beautiful dealers by the tables, and you will read many amusing and engaging moments from our work life that would make your conversations between the game rounds so much more enjoyable.

So we would like to invite you to check back with us every week where we would give direct updates right from our “office life” to You!

XOXOXOXO ~ LuckyStreak Stafff