When you sit down in your living room to play a few rounds of BlackJack or Roulette in our live casino, you see experienced, interesting and engaging dealers. But what you see is not all you get with LuckyStreak’s dealers.

Each of our dealers comes with a rich background full of interesting life stories and unique abilities that you couldn’t even imagine.

We love our job, we think of ourselves not only as dealers but as hosts. You need to know when to talk, when to listen and when, well, to put in a good word. It’s a real profession unlike any other we had in the past. A job which requires experience passion and great motivation.


Spray anyone?
Spray anyone?

As the doors open for our morning shift, us the LuckyStreak girls, transform into hosts.

Getting ready for a shift is work. Imagine preparing to host a morning talk show, just without a million assistants. As more shifts go by we have become expert makeup artists, hair stylists, managers, teachers, entertainers and English specialists.

Lights, camera, action! Shift is on — we are on top of our game!

At the end of the shift we go back to being Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, Start living our normal lives. We transform back to students, friends, family members. Many girls with great ambitions and plans for our lives.

The LuckyStreak family holds future Lawyers, Psychologists, business leaders, Accountants and Historians (and some great current musicians). You can only guess which one is which:-).




Charlotte brushing up on some studies in the break room.
Charlotte brushing up on some studies in the break room.

So, next time you are on the tables, remember to ask what’s up?! We will definitely be there to listen, share, and have fun!

XOXOXOXO — Lucky Streak